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Morning Sickness Cure

Morning Sickness: Causes and Cures

What are the symptoms of morning sickness? If you are pregnant and are experiencing any of these symptoms:
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • Food aversions
  • Headaches
  • Light headiness
  • Weight Loss

Then you may one of the 50 to 80 percent of pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness. The name of this condition is a bit misleading though; a great many women suffer through these symptoms throughout the day and not just during the morning.

Dramatic hormonal changes that take place during the early stages of pregnancy along with low blood sugar could be the causes; however, research has not determined a definitive cause for this condition.

Since it can be debilitating, many pregnant women seek out a morning sickness cure to help alleviate their symptoms and allow them to return to their normal daily activities. However, many in the medical profession are extremely hesitant at prescribing any medication to a pregnant woman.

Some suggest herbal remedies for relief; however, no concrete research conclusively proves that herbs are safe for a pregnant woman. In addition, old-fashioned cures and suggestions like the ones listed below typically do little to alleviate the symptoms:
  • Getting out of bed slowly
  • Tea first thing in the morning
  • Eating saltine crackers
  • Having mini meals throughout the day
  • Avoiding warm places
  • Avoiding spicy and fried food
As a pregnant women, you likely prefer homeopathic solutions that you know will not harm you unborn child.

One particularly effective natural morning sickness cure is to use a pressure point wristband. Using acupressure, these wristbands provide the right degree of pressure at a specific point on the wrist to block the transmission of nausea before it can even be registered by the body. Since the wristbands are adjustable, any size person can benefit and get the relief they need!

Using an acupressure wristband is one of the most effective ways to get relief from your nausea. Not only is the wristband so easy to use, it is also extremely durable and very affordable.

Pregnant women suffering from pregnancy related nausea who try an acupressure wristband, report immediate and effective relief. They appreciate that the wristband allows them to enjoy their pregnancy, resume their normal activities, and most importantly protect their precious baby.

If you're ready to try a safe morning sickness cure, check out the acupressure wristbands available from BioBands. Eliminate your pregnancy nausea before it even begins!

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