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Options for Motion Sickness Aids

Motion sickness aids come in three primary categories: motion sickness pills and herbal remedies, motion sickness patches and motion sickness wristbands. Which of the motion sickness aids is right for you will depend on many factors, the most important of which is which of the motion sickness aids is effective for you and meets with your needs.

Motion sickness aids that are medications or herbal remedies are taken orally. These motion sickness aids are basically creating chemical changes in your body meant to eliminate the feeling of nausea associated with motion sickness.

Some consumers find that taking oral medications as motion sickness aids cause side effects that are equal to or worse than the nausea itself. Others find that medication used as motion sickness aids are too risky, especially in light of all of the bad publicity surrounding medications used for pain relief, weight loss and so forth. Still others do not like taking medications or herbal remedies for motion sickness aids because they can take too long to be effective thus leaving the person feeling nauseous until the medication or the herbs can create the chemical change needed to eliminate the feelings of nausea.

A second option is the motion sickness patches used for motion sickness aids. These patches use medications, however, unlike oral medications, the medications are absorbed through the skin to work quicker. Though these patches address the issue of speed for the motion sickness aids to take effect, they do not address the issue of drug interactions, chemical changes and so forth.

Another issue people have with the patches as motion sickness aids is that the patches are often difficult to conceal, can be uncomfortable to wear and can even be painful to remove, especially for people with body hair.

Because people often need motion sickness aids on vacations and at other special events, concealing the patch is an important consideration and it is why many consumers do not like wearing them. Additionally, like the medications used as motion sickness aids, the patches need to be replaced at specific intervals and failure to do so can leave you vulnerable to feeling nauseous until you replace the patch and the new one has time to take effect.

The third option for motion sickness aids is the motion sickness wristbands. The motion sickness wristbands used as motion sickness aids are based on acupressure technology which employs the right degree of pressure to the precise location on your wrist in order to disrupt the transmission of nausea before it can be registered by your body. Basically these motion sickness aids stop the nausea before it starts.

The motion sickness wristbands by companies like BioBands offer real protection against feeling nausea which is why many people use them as motion sickness aids. Aside from being effective motion sickness aids, these adjustable wristbands can eliminate nausea associated with morning sickness, headaches, chemotherapy and so forth.

As people try to find the right motion sickness aids for their needs they have options, and which option is best for them is only known to them and through the advice of their medical professional. For many, trying all natural and safe wristbands can prove to be the best of all motion sickness aids.

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