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Acupressure Wristbands

Motion sickness medication has been taken by countless men, women and children in an attempt to eliminate the nausea that is associated with motion sickness. For many years, motion sickness medication was the only product available to help people with their feelings of nausea.

Motion sickness medication was prescribed whenever possible, however, because they are medications, motion sickness medication could only be prescribed to people able to handle the medications and not suffer side-effects just as bad as the nausea they were trying to prevent.

Many pregnant women and nursing women found themselves unable to take motion sickness medication, the same is true for other people who either had allergies to the medication or preferred not to take motion sickness medication because they preferred to use all-natural techniques to eliminate the feelings of nausea.

An advancement in motion sickness medication came with the advent of motion sickness medication that was absorbed through the skin when wearing motion sickness medication patches. The absorption through the skin helped make the alleviation of nausea faster than the motion sickness medication that was taken orally.

Though this advancement in motion sickness medication made the relief of nausea come faster, it was still not instantaneous. Other issues that people had and still have with motion sickness medication through patches is the fact that it is still chemicals being used in the body, after all, they are still motion sickness medication, just the delivery has changed.

The motion sickness patches are uncomfortable for some people to wear and can be very uncomfortable to remove for some consumers. Consumers also have complained that it is difficult to conceal the motion sickness medication patches and when wearing certain clothing the patches were visible.

The reality for a number of years was that either people took motion sickness medication or tried to find all natural remedies (herbs, etc) or simply suffered through the feelings of nausea. Though some people are convinced that herbal remedies work, many more are convinced that they simply are ineffective so they were forced to either use motion sickness medication or nothing at all.

In recent years, the advancement of acupressure technology which is used to block the transmission of certain nerve impulses to the brain (to eliminate pain, nausea and other transmissions) has helped provide an alternative to motion sickness medication.

These technological advancements use pressure at the right location and at the right level to block transmissions of certain signals to the brain. In the case of using this technology in lieu of motion sickness medication, the acupressure technology is used to block the transmission of nausea before it is registered in the brain.

BioBands offers an adjustable wristband that can be used for people of all ages and sizes that alleviates the feeling of nausea upon proper application of the wristband. Because the wristband is adjustable it is comfortable to wear and consumers do not need to worry about trying to conceal the band.

Because BioBands’ adjustable wristbands do not use any motion sickness medication, consumers do not have to worry about drug interactions or side-effects. As a result of this, many consumers find the bands to be a safe and easy alternative to motion sickness medication.

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