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Pregnancy Nausea Remedy

Pregnancy Nausea Remedy – What Can Help?

If you are pregnant, and answer yes to any of these questions below, then you are likely suffering from pregnancy related nausea.
  • Do you wake up feeling nauseous and dizzy?
  • Do certain smells bring on your nausea?
  • If you see particular foods, does your stomach begin to turn?
  • Do you regularly feel like you may vomit?

Pregnancy related nausea is extremely common; however, it can interfere with many aspects of your life. Unfortunately, nausea can drastically hinder a pregnant woman's quest for sound nutrition, particularly during the critical first trimester of pregnancy when formation of the baby's organs and systems is occurring.

It is important that a nauseous mother-to-be who is having trouble getting her proper nutrients seek out a pregnancy nausea remedy. If you are experiencing nausea, chances are that everyone you know has suggested some type of cure. However, it is important to remember that what ‘works' will vary greatly from person to person. For some, the nausea is extremely debilitating while for others, they are able to cope and survive the nausea until it passes.

While some pregnant moms have to resort to drastic measures like taking prescription medication, some holistic and natural methods might work for you. Here are five tried and true pregnancy nausea remedies for you to consider:
  • Keep your blood sugar levels even by eating small, frequent meals high in protein and complex carbohydrates.
  • Eat before you are hungry.
  • Try eating before getting out of bed in the morning, and then take it slowly.
  • Avoid your trigger foods and substitute alternatives as needed; remember to get enough protein.
  • Try a pressure point wristband (sometimes known as a seasickness band).

While the first four remedies are self-explanatory, using a pressure point wristband as a pregnancy nausea remedy is less well known. Using acupressure, these wristbands provide the right degree of pressure at a specific point on the wrist to block the transmission of nausea before it can even be registered by the body.

Pressure point wristbands are also adjustable, so it works for any size woman, even if you are retaining water! An acupressure wristband is one of the most effective ways to relieve your nausea. They are easy to use, are extremely durable and incredibly affordable.

If you are searching for a pregnancy nausea remedy, then why not try an acupressure wristband and discover for yourself how it provides immediate and effective relief. You will appreciate that this solution allows you to return to healthy eating to help ensure proper nutrition for your baby, and you also get to enjoy your pregnancy and resume your normal daily activities.

Designed and patented by an American Board Certified obstetrician and gynecologist, a BioBands wristband is a safe, simple, effective and inexpensive way to relieve your pregnancy related nausea. Why not check out the BioBands wristband today!